My Philosophy

The relationship between a plastic surgeon and her patient is special.

Patients come to me because they voluntarily want to make changes. Those changes can be subtle or pronounced. The whole process of getting plastic surgery can be scary. I understand how you feel.

I have been on both sides of the equation - as a doctor I have counselled hundreds of patients, and as a caregiver to my loved ones, I have sat on the other side of the table. Even as a medical professional, I have felt anxious and scared during those times. I just want you to know that I empathise with you.

I am a conservative surgeon. What that means is that I only perform procedures that I have full confidence in. The procedures I recommend are based on my experience, training and appreciation of its sound scientific principles. I tend to lean towards less than more, because it leads to better outcomes and less complications.

Beauty is subjective. I appreciate a natural, soft look that takes into consideration one’s ethnicity, facial structure and body build. Small changes, millimetres in fact, go a long way. If you want to enhance your appearance subtly in such a way that your friends notice that you look attractive (more than you already are) but cannot place their finger on exactly why, then I think you and I will share a good doctor-patient relationship.

When I first meet you, I will take my time to understand your concerns and expectations and in return I will explain in depth, treatments that I think will be suitable for you. Each treatment will differ in its level of invasiveness, cost, recovery time, risk, scarring and results. You will have all the information you need to make the right decision for you. This decision is a big one, and there is no pressure to make it during the consult. In fact, I encourage you to take your time with it.

If I am unable to meet your expectations, when your ideal clashes with my sense of art and aesthetics, then I may have to say no to you. For example, if I feel liposuction is better put off till you achieve weight loss or if I feel that oversized implants will only stress your petite frame, then I will have to say no to you.  

In cases where I am unable to provide the necessary services, I am happy to refer you to fellow plastic surgeons that I trust.

You may have noticed that my website has no ‘before and after’ photos. Photos can be misleading. Lighting, timing and even the angle of the pose can dramatically alter what one sees. Furthermore, only the best outcomes get chosen for the ‘before and after’ shots. Every surgeon, and I mean every single one of us, have had cases that didn’t go exactly as we had planned. The competent surgeon will always have a plan on how to deal with these cases. Remember, you are unique, and the way you heal is also unique to you.

My website also does not have stock photos of gorgeous models who don’t look anything like you and me. We come in all shapes, sizes and colours. I choose to celebrate that, not a standard of beauty forced upon us by “marketing” and the media.

If you have come this far, thank you. I wanted you to get an idea of the kind of doctor that I am. I hope I can be of service to you, and if not, that is okay too.

When it’s the right patient-doctor fit, you will know it. If you don’t feel 100% that the doctor has your best interest at heart, it is better that you don’t proceed with the procedure. I wish you the best outcome in all your endeavours to better yourself, be that surgically or as a person.

Why not make an appointment to see if we fit?

-Dr. Shamala Durairajanayagam.